This page lists tools that may help you with your thank-you note write. If you click the links and purchase these products, I may get paid a commission. Thank you!


  • A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes will provide you with everything that you need to be a successful thank you note writer. I compiled this book after two years of working on this blog as some people prefer to have a printed reference. There are templates, tips, and over 400 examples because sometimes you need a little help with knowing what to say in a note. 
  • In A Simple Act of Gratitude, John Kralik shares his inspirational story of how writing thank you notes changed his life. He is life is at an all-time low point and his business is about to fail. In one year, he writes over 300 in one year to family, friends, and business contacts.

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  • Grammarly is a tool that you can use to check your grammar. Copy your thank-you note text into the Grammarly editor and get feedback on where commas should go and other grammar fixes. There are free and paid versions available. I highly recommend this tool for job interview thank-you notes when incorrect grammar may reflect poorly on you. And, Grammarly can catch the issue where a word is spelled correctly but it's the wrong word (their vs. there). 
  • Gift List Tracker is a printable PDF to help you keep track of gifts given at events like baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, and graduations. I failed to use a document like this when I got married and still do not know who gave us a mini-crock pot.
  • Read through these tips to see which can help you!


  • Current Catalog cards are a family favorite. My mom started ordering cards from them in 1948. They offer cards at a great price. You can read my full review here.
  • Minted sells higher quality thank-you note cards. You can feel the difference when touching their cards as the paper is thicker. My complete review of Minted cards can be read here. 
  • Amazon sells many, many thank-you note cards. Some of my favorite cards are from Lang. If you are shopping on Amazon already, get some note cards to have on hand when you need them. 
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